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Which fighting game is most in need of a Street Fighter IV-esque "reboot"?

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The Top 3

I can understand why Mortal Kombat is leading the poll so far. MK was a "three-trick" pony--blood, fatalities and digitized graphics. All the franchise could do was up the ante on all three without improving the fighting engine in any meaningful way.

I had my fill of the series after Mortal Kombat 2. If Midway (or whatever entity finally takes over ownership of Midway's properties) decides to continue the MK franchise, it will need to do some serious rethinking for today's market.

I was a little surprised to see Samurai Shodown in second place right behind MK and Fatal Fury not far behind. Samurai Shodown was a Street Fighter 2 clone, but had a cool sword mechanic and fuedal Japan backdrop.

Fatal Fury was always a nice stopgap between Street Fighter sequels. I didn't think either was exploited or overexposed... until I looked them up on Wikipedia and saw there were as many as 30 releases between them. :D

They would need a serious reboot if sequels are indeed in the work.

Considering that MK is a

Considering that MK is a *much* more well-known game than SS and has a lot more big-push sequels, i think Samurai Shodown has done quite well for itself, all things considered. MK may need a reboot badly (i.e.- getting a f'ing real fighting engine and some decent character design) but i'd prefer to see a new SS.

More fighters?

Did I really leave anything out here?

Should I have included World Heroes, Art of Fighting, Bloody Roar, Guilty Gear, Tobal, Last Blade or Bushido Blade?

Nah, you're good.

Nah, you're good.

It's time for a new poll, so

It's time for a new poll, so as of this writing the numbers are:

Dead or Alive: 8%
Fatal Fury: 9%
Mortal Kombat: 32%
Samurai Shodown: 19%
Soul Calibur: 4%
Virtua Fighter: 4%
Tekken: 14%
The King of Fighters: 11%

No surprise that Mortal Kombat was the winner. Even adding DC characters to the mix weren't enough to correct the falling popularity of the Midway arcade classic.

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