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What do you think of the Nintendo 3DS's ¥25,000 ($300 US) launch price?

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Not Sure

I voted "Too High" but really would have liked a "Not Sure" option. Yes, $300 seems too high, but I remember paying $70-$80 regularly for ONE videogame. Even though it has become more and more expensive to make videogames, we as gamers have always expected prices to stay at a certain, low price-point. Granted this is a handheld, and $300 definitely seems high, but I must say it's a pretty impressive handheld from what I've read so far. I'm just glad I never picked up a DSi.

I'm almost certain to buy

I'm almost certain to buy one eventually, but a high price could push this from "impulse buy at launch" too "eh... someday." And then really, who knows?

The Real Price

The 3DS had better not hit at $299.99. The price tag is the same as a PS3; I don't care how awesome your system is, it's just too high. Especially for a portable. Then again, those people who think that the system will hit for $249.99 are deluding themselves. Nintendo will release the system between $250 and $300, likely at $279.99. They avoid the $300 stigma and don't aim too low either.

the more I think about it

After thinking about it more, I really wouldn't be surprised if the 3DS does drop at $299. The system is being released in March (at least here stateside). That's a good 8 months before the holiday shopping season really kicks in to overdrive. So, maybe Nintendo has the 3DS enter the fray at $299, capitalize on early adapters, then lower the price slightly around November - say $279 or even $249 - to capitalize on holiday buyers.

A $299 price point would probably scare me off from being an early adapter, but I do plan on picking up a 3DS eventually.

I guess people would rather

I guess people would rather buy yet another underpowered, but oh so cheap Nintendo console (and then endlessly whine about it). In my opinion the price is just right.

Nin has disappointed me with

Nin has disappointed me with the WII(not precision based) the DS(not enough buttons) and the 3DS(everything?). Its not that they are ultimately bad but just not well designed IMO.

The PSP is not much better frankly it has as many issues wer da 2nd nub so games play better? oh sony you trollin us wif dat UMD sht!

Anyway..... ultimately it will do well and thats sad....brand power wins out again....

Too high?

i think that's a little much. $300 could buy alot of other things just as cool or even cooler. that's enough for a wii! :) well that';s my opinion.


i think it's way to high, paying $300 for a game system is ridiculous! things keep getting higher and higher each year! soon they'll have us broke. :(


i couldn't agree more! :)

Is it just me or does the

Is it just me or does the neon-lit word 'GIMMICK' constantly flash pretentiously when 3DS is mentioned?

Unless it's possible to interact in the Z-axis, seeing it is entirely irrelevant to gameplay mechanics. Revolutionary to graphics maybe, but not to gameplay, at least on a handheld. 3D is the type of technology that needs to be brought to Wii, PS Move and Xbox Kinetic.

I agree that 300 is way too

I agree that 300 is way too much for a handheld! It makes no sense. I know that I will eventually get one and was even considering getting it day one but not if its 300 bucks. Lol or maybe ill sale my wii to get it.

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