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What do you think of the 3DS price drop to $169?

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Need games!

Count me as someone who could care less about the price drop. Price drops happen all the time when something isn't selling.

What I want to see are games! There isn't anything worth playing for this thing whether it is $169 or $249.

eShop credit

I don't mind the price drop, but Nintendo needs to do more than just push games that retail for the "equivalence" of $80. If they want to make amends, then they need to give away something that actually feels special and worth that money. How about credit for new games to those that registered their 3DS? How about $80 worth of credit?

Free Kid Icarus

On the off chance a Nintendo spider bot is taking stock of what 3DS owners are saying on the Interwebs, all that I ask for is free Kid Icarus. I don't think a $40 value is asking for much.

Why not Majora's Mask for free?

What you are asking for would be very cool on Nintendo's part. Which by definition means it is never going to happen.

something is up

well, seeing how the 3ds got a lot of flack for the poor battery life and not so spectacular 3D AND seeing how Nintendo is the apple of portable systems when it comes to releasing new versions of the gameboy I wouldn't be surprised if as early as tomorrow they announced a 3DSiliteultimateTurboAlphaEX version.

Have to do what they have to do

Nntendo has to do what it takes to survive. That is not to say that I am not pissed. Especially since I JUST bought my 3DS last month.

INintendo should give early adopters a choice between $80 in eShop credit (Not asking for much since it is digital), free Kid Icarus or Super Mario 3D Land.

I already own most of the free games that they are offering.

Seems Like Smart Business

I happen to be satisfied with my 3DS. If there had been a price-drop without any sort of reward to first adopters, it wouldn't have been a big issue with me. Seeing as there is to be some perks, I just consider them icing on the cake. If this were a $400 system we were talking about, I might feel different.

The price-drop makes business sense.

Software doesn't have me terribly upset, especially since there's promising titles not too far off in the horizon.

calm down...

well, they've already sold over 4 million units world-wide (in just 4 months) so it's not like they've been sitting on store shelves collecting dust and it's certainly not like they're crying in shame while throwing themselves out of their office windows.

it just means the upper 1% of Nintendo executives will have to cut back on their daily jaunts to Vegas... for the next couple of months, anyway.

About time, but a huge drop...

I think it was needed, but $80 is a huge drop. Doesn't instill confidence for people looking in from the outside.

It's not the Razor, it's the Blades

Nintendo cut the wrong price. The system will be cheaper, but the games will still be $35 dollars apiece. That, I imagine, is what's really going to hurt the system.

Nintendo needs to get their digital house in order.

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