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What did you think of Nintendo's (2010) World Media Summit?

Great, I'm excited.
43% (66 votes)
Blah, nothing for me.
57% (87 votes)
Total votes: 153
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Was anything new even shown?

Does Nintendo innovate at all anymore? All they do is release re-hashes of their bestsellers. And now they're doing the same thing with hardware. Announce the DS2 not some crappy DSi XL.

A new Metroid? A new Mario? A new Pokemon (actually a remake). Come up with a new IP this decade for the love of god. I sold my wii almost a year ago because it had been gathering dust for six months. Releasing nothing but un-inspired remakes and sequels will do that.

the middle way

I find myself wishing for another option here.

Certain things, like Mario Galaxy 2, and Nintendo's new emphasis on short hype windows and quick release dates are pretty exciting to me.

On the other hand, Metroid: Other M looks at least graphically worse than even the original Metroid Prime, and the DSi XL is way overpriced. 10 dollars less than a Wii?

The rest didn't really elicit a reaction from me either way.


Meh, the summit was decent but there really wasn't a game in there I care about for the most part. I no longer own a DS, so I don't particularly care about DS news. I didn't think the original Mario Galaxy was anything special, so the $50 Expansion Pack doesn't do anything for me either. The one game I was interested in, Metroid Other M, I actually came away from the Summit very disappointed about given the details they released (lousy Wiimote-only controls, free health and missiles whenever you want it, upgrades issued to the player via plot character, etc.). They also announced more crap I don't want to buy going up on the Club Nintendo store, as if that was anything new.

The only good I come away from this summit about is that Nintendo will once again have shot its entire load in the first half of the year, which means they have to have something big (or Wii Music 2/Wii Relax -_-' ) for the Fall. Nintendo might actually follow through on their boasting about Zelda coming out this year.

Don't really get why people

Don't really get why people constantly slate Nintendo for not pumping out new IPs, yet a game like Mario Galaxy has more innovation in its design than the likes of Halo or Killzone can ever offer. You don't need to constantly make new games to innovate, which is exactly why people (including me) still enjoy playing 3D Mario and Zelda games.

I'm not denying that Nintendo don't milk their franchises, but when it comes to the main stuff - 3D Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, they tend to deliver 90% of the time.

Of course, it's fair to claim Mario Galaxy 2 won't innovate much, but when the original had so much superb design it doesn't bother me if I have to play in it for a dozen hours more. Mario Galaxy 2 is a welcome stop-gap between the original Galaxy and the next, real innovative advancement with 3D Mario.

As for Metroid Other M - considering how deep and challenging the Ninja Gaiden games are I'm having high hopes for it.


Not that I have anything against Nintendo, or its announced IPs, just the hype and hoopla that comes with these events isn't my cup of meat. For me, these types of events are to make people on the internet get all excited, write stupid speculation/wish-list articles, and talk about how good/bad the company's performance was.

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