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Video: Penn & Teller Bulls**t! tackles videogame violence

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Ok, Penn & Teller: Bulls**t! is not exactly the highest on my list of shows to watch, but when it does it right, few shows on television or cable are better at pointing out the absurdity of most of today's cultural issues.

This particular episode covers videogame violence—rampant videogame violence if you listen to the likes of Jack Thompson or Hilary Clinton. Penn & Teller: Bulls**t! looks at the industry, the violent games and does a really good job of putting a sane face on some of the madness.

And thanks to YouTube, we are all able to watch what foolish Showtime subscribers pay to see. That is, until Showtime discovers that its content is available for free. So hurry up and watch it before it gets taken down.

Btw, this video is totally NSFW!

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Not that impressed tbh.

Not that impressed tbh. Enjoyable but not very informative.

The part where that guy turns out to be a major guns lover was hilarious though.

That article is so great!

That article is so great! Thanks for sharing it into us. I’ve learned something new. But aside from that breaking report let me share something new concern to you, nowadays. Video games have been pilloried since the dawn of the technology, and the criticism has only intensified since the late 90s, when Mortal Kombat and parents decried the violence, and then Grand Theft Auto and Postal only made the clamor noisier. However, the danger of addiction to video games is real – young adults are increasingly cutting themselves off from real world contact and interaction, and the consequences are very real – there aren't cheat codes for estrangement from loved ones. Video game detox centers do exist, and they're popping up all over the globe. It is worth same day payday loans and potential freak outs to make sure you and your loved ones don't take video games too seriously.

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