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Video: Beyond Good & Evil HD: First eight minutes

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While no one at Ubisoft seems to know for sure whether there will be an actual sequel to Michel Ancel's Beyond Good & Evil, there is no doubt that an High-Defintion (HD) version of the original game will be making its way to the current-gen HD consoles.

Set for release on Xbox Live Arcade (March 3rd) and the PlayStation Network (at a later date), this update features 1080p visuals (improved character models and textures) as well as a remastered soundtrack. Achievements, trophies and online leaderboards will also be added.

This is an important release for Ubisoft and Beyond Good & Evil—a franchise that seems to have more fans today than when it was actually available at retail. Perhaps it's not surprising that Ubisoft has been vague when it comes to the status of Beyond Good & Evil 2. The publisher could be using this release to gauge the actual interest in the franchise and the profitability of an entirely new game.

If you are a fan, watch the attached video and get your Xbox Live Points and PlayStation Network Cards ready.

Source: Computerandvidegames.com

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Platform(s): Xbox 360   PS3  
Developer(s): Ubisoft  
Series: Beyond Good & Evil  
Genre(s): Adventure/Explore  

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First 8 mins?

Judging from the title of this post I thought you would talk about your experience with the first 8 mins of the game...

Who wants BG&E 2?

Its like what Nintendo has waiting for it when it releases Kid Icarus for 3DS. Ubisoft is going to find out that the only people that wanted a Beyond Good & Evil sequel were videogame journos.

Beyond overrated

i'm glad you posted this video because i had forgotten how boring the gameplay was. some people are in for a big surprise when they go back to playing this overrated game.

I loved the original game at

I loved the original game at the time, but this video really does show us how far things have come. For one thing the combat looks massively dull now (it was dull back then, but still passable) and I can only imagine how dated the stealth sections will feel today.

Also, even with the HD buff, the game just isn't cutting it anymore. The art style is undeniably wonderful, but it's not enough to carry it through I feel. Interestingly, I've read people saying this HD update actually doesn't look better than the PC original version. =\

Was on the fence on whether I could go back to this game once it got an HD update, but looks like I won't be committing after this video. Beyond Good & Evil was actually the last Ubi-Soft game I considered good, so that I don't find it as-impressive anymore tells me that I may as well ignore Ubi as a developer indefinitely.

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