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Video: Best five minutes of Amnesia ever

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Kristin Renee Taylor is a coward. There, I said it.

(For those that don't know, Kristin is one of the newest members of the GameCritics staff.)

As part of her Extra-Life 24-hour gaming marathon she had agreed to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent and stream it live over the Internet. A commendable endeavor on many levels.

In the year since its release, Amnesia has earned the reputation as one of the scariest games ever released. (That's saying a lot considering this industry has produced the likes of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Condemned and Fatal Frame.) Marathoning a game like that would be no small task for anyone.

And gamers have raised over $1 million through Extra-Life for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Gamers can't pass up the chance to play games for a day when the proceeds are going to a worthy charity.

Unfortunately, our Kristin couldn't do it—the darkness and fog proved to be too much for her. But all is not lost. She was recording the whole time and has left the video up on YouTube for the whole Internet to enjoy.

Watch as our intrepid video game critic takes a few steps forward in the game, shrieks and then cowers in a corner.

Source: YouTube

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Platform(s): PC  
Developer(s): Frictional Games  
Series: Amnesia  
Genre(s): Horror  
Topic(s): Humor  

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From another Amnesia coward

Don't be hard on Kristin. :) I was almost the exact same way when I first played Amnesia. I thought I could be all hardcore and play it in the dark with the volume way up. That lasted for all of hour and from then on I only played in the day time or with all the lights on.

As scary as it can be I would recommend that Kristin play it. At least play it for longer than 5 minutes.

My question though is did Kristin actually play something for Extra Life?

Love it

There are so few really great horror games out there... especially ones clever enough not to have GUNS. This is a really great game. I know it was a huge success for Frictional, so I hope they're able to expand on the series with a bigger budget and, hopefully, bring it to a bigger audience.

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