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The Nintendo Wii is finally under $200. Picking one up?

4% (8 votes)
28% (60 votes)
Already own(ed) a Wii.
50% (106 votes)
Still too expensive.
6% (13 votes)
Waiting for new Wii colors/better games.
6% (12 votes)
Can't decide/Don't care.
6% (13 votes)
Total votes: 212
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should be $99.99

I voted 'Still too expensive' cause there must be $100 worth of tech inside the Wii and yet Nintendo is selling it at a premium. I have no problem with them selling it for that price but I'm not going to follow all of those sheep to the store to buy one.

Other colors besides white and black

I voted (No)I already own a Wii.

However, should Nintendo hurry up and release a Black, Red or Blue Wii, but at a lower price, I'd run out and get one--assuming we're talking about the real colors and not Nintendo made-up variations of those colors. Buying multicolored Nintendo systems is every gamers duty.

That was what I was expecting a new color or colors to go along with the price drop. The black Wii already exists in Japan, why not just release it here and maybe energize the market?

I get what you're saying Anonymous about the Wii being too expensive. I was half-expecting a more severe price drop given the recent price drops of both the 360 and PS3, and the excitement over Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's "Wand" thingie. Microsoft and Sony are coming hard at Nintendo looking for a piece of that casual gaming market. With cheaper consoles and hopefully more accessible interfaces, they stand a chance of loosening the Nintendo's grip on the casual market for the first time.

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