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Sad end to Duke Numem fiasco... or is it?

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In his Wired article, Earnest Cavalli doesn't mince words. He starts off by saying "It's time to put Duke Nukem out of his misery." You can't be more direct than that and after starting a story in that way, you're not allowed to sugarcoat the rest of it. And Cavalli doesn't.

But he is correct. Though still popular—our Duke Nukem Never post proved a popular one—Duke was a character that time may have just passed by. Few gamers today can relate to Duke Nukem, a caricature of 1980s action heroes.

But I did say the article our popular and going by the comment section of the Wired article, there are some Duke Nukem fans who can't let it go. Some swear that a "cigar-chomping, catchphrase-spouting one-man army" could be relevant in today's gaming landscape, unfortunately, their best argument seems to be that they remember Duke Nukem or remember playing as him. Not many people today can even say that or would like to play as him again.

While on the subject of Duke, Take-Two Interactive is now suing Apogee Software and it wants the Duke Nukem Forever source to be preserved. Take-Two probably realizes it isn't getting that $12 million back so it's asking for rights to the source code as a back-up. What it could do with that code is debatable. Maybe it is just out of spite, or maybe there is a slim chance Take-Two would release it under the Duke Nukem name.

Source: Wired.com

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