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PETA targets Mario and Tanooki suit

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PETA targets Mario over Tanooki suit

For those who don't know, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has taken on Nintendo and Super Mario because Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS features a Tanooki suit. According to PETA, this as good a time as any to call attention to the plight of the adorable tanuki.

In what has become typical PETA fashion, the organization has commissioned a pretty terrible flash-based "game", bathed a beloved primary-colored video game character in blood and attached disturbing video to further drive home their point.

A lot of it is tongue in check but you have to wonder if stunts like this don't just turn off more people that they could ever "enlighten".

Source: PETA

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I can understand wanting to

I can understand wanting to get the message out to save the tanuki. I even agree with their position on wearing fur.

But I cannot understand the attacks aimed at Nintendo and the Mario franchise. At what point is it stated that the tanooki suit is actually a skinned tanuki? I was always under the impression that it was just that, a suit.

I went as a lion for Halloween when I was a child. Little did I know that meant I supported the skinning of lions.

It seems to me like this was just an attempt to get more media coverage by attacking a well-known corporation and franchise.

I'm a part-time lacto

I'm a part-time lacto vegetarian for various reasons, but PETA's as tasteless as the Westboro Baptist Church and thus does a lot of damage to the cause. Also, do they know that Tanuki Mario was created 21 years ago and was a lot more popular back then? They're late to the party.

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