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No sequel for Indigo Prophecy

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Those of us that were looking for some real closure to Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit)—the ending didn't live up to expectations—will have to put our hope to rest. While publishers have approached David Cage, co-founder of Quantic Dream, about publishing a sequel—something I find really hard to believe—Cage himself has no interest in going back to that well.

After Indigo, I wanted to work on something different because I thought the game would be a commercial disaster. It was really different from what the industry was doing and there was absolutely no hype about emotion or narrative. But when we started talking to publishers, many of them told us they loved Indigo and they were interested in publishing the sequel.

So I started thinking of Indigo 2 but I quickly realized I had nothing more to say on this story and these characters. I really enjoyed the time I spent with them, but they were attached to a moment in my life, and I had moved on. I wanted to write something more personal, deeper, more adult, with no world to save and no supernatural powers.

Maybe it's for the best. That leaves him all the time in the world to focus on Heavy Rain. All accounts point to Heavy Rain as a worthy, spiritual successor. (A video preview of Heavy Rain is below.)

Source: 1UP.com

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Indigo Prophecy didn't deserve a sequel.

I'm not surprised Cage isn't interested in making a sequel. He must have played it more than us and clearly got sick of it like we did. Indigo Prophecy was an incomprehensible joke that just ripped off the Matrix.

Great until...

I thought Indigo Prophecy was really good until a certain point in the plot when things just get ridiculous. A lot of the quicktime events felt out of place too.



Now just get Heavy Rain canceled or something and get this guy out of the gaming industry. Let him make film if he wants to make film so badly.

... I really hate David Cage's "games". Can you tell?

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