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Extra Credits: Global Games—Brazil

Dale Weir's picture

Extra Credits is trying a new feature where it introduces viewers to burgeoning video game markets. The first one tackled is Brazil and while I see the country's potential, this particular presentation doesn't do the best job of selling Brazil as a great new game market. Sure you can still buy a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive—brand new—and who doesn't want that? But video game piracy seems to still be pretty rampant there. It also looks like one of those territories that isn't the least bit interested in fixing things from a consumer, governmental and industry standpoint.

Source: Extra Credits on Blip

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China with less money

Gotta agree with you Dale. There doesn't seem to be much to talk about with Brazil when the government isn't concerned with its stupid tax and tariff policies and the consumer isn't making much noise and is gladly buying pirated games. Not that I blame them. If a game cost $120 and a game system cost around $1,000, I couldn't be sure I wouldn't what they are doing. How do we know that if things turned around, like an end to the tariffs and an increased developer and publisher footprint, that gamers wouldn't just be happier with things the way they are right now?

That developers and publishers refer to it as "China with less money" or whatever doesn't seem to be that out of line after viewing this video.

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