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Extra Credits: Crowdfunding

Dale Weir's picture

Extra Credit looks at the latest gaming trend: crowdfunding. It's not quite a household term but going by Twitter, press releases and gaming news coverage in general, it's getting there. Crowdfunding takes money from ordinary people in exchange for, say, a copy of the game or seeing a digital version of that person somewhere in the game. Right now Kickstarter is the company on everyone's lips but it isn't the only game in town. IndieGoGo, RocketHub, ulule and the newly formed Gambitious are all out there trying to help someone create that sequel to TIE Fighter or Star Tropics.

Source: Extra Credits on Blip

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This is a very significant

This is a very significant and interesting development that I am sure will have huge effects on the economics of the gaming industry over the coming years. It will lower the barriers to entry and give gamers (not industry hacks and profit barons) what they want. This is a very natural extension of the 'Live-arcade' model on the Xbox, and will also put additional pressure on the studio-led mega-investment model that has dominated the industry thus far to the significant detriminent of originality in games design.

With that said, I am surprised to see this article has, apart from this comment, generated precisely zero (0) (nil) comments.

Dale, I'm aiming this next part specifically at you so if you are uncomfortable with posting this please feel free to edit and remove on moderation.

This article should have generated a very deep and interesting discussion yet there is no follow on. Generally, I have noticed that your contributions frequently receive the least comment. Ergo, are they adding any value to the site? I suspect this is related to the fact that they are all video clips and I believe if you took more time and effort expressing your thoughts and opinions on gaming culture and industry developments in words (prime example - Matt Skerrit) you will generate more discourse and increase the reputation of this site, rather than lazily posting a link to a 3rd party video with a few irreverent comments.

Laconically, be a thought leader, not a messenger.

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