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Critical News Rundown

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He probably hasn't even got 'Silent Assassin' on Kirov Park ;P

Ebert: "Other scenes, which involve Agent 47 striding down corridors, an automatic weapon in each hand, shooting down opponents who come dressed as Jedi troopers in black. These scenes are no doubt from the video game."

Certainly not the dojo level from Hitman 2. ;D

How many of the movie's scenes does Agent 47 spend creeping along wooden beams so as not to touch the squeaky floorboards? None, I would imagine.

And how much of the movie's scenes are as tense as doing that in the game? None, I would imagine.

Let the pointless arguments commence!

If almost all of my

If almost all of my experience with video games was based on the movies I saw based on them, I would be inclined to agree with him. The Hitman movie, like pretty much every game movie, is just one more step back for the medium to be taken seriously.

boo-f'ing-hoo for Jeff

boo-f'ing-hoo for Jeff Minter.

Calling Frogger "one of the worst" games is a pathetic display of sour grapes, and he'd be better served looking at the piece of crap he created and figuring out why people dislike it than trying to accuse modern gamers of being unable to see his so-called genius.

i tried the demo of Space Giraffe and deleted it before finishing one game. misunderstood creativity or self-deluding folly? not hard to see which if you ask me.

(BTW, that same site has an "ending explained" for Assassin's Creed... wow. all i have to say is, if the were going to put that much effort into it, they should have friggin' TOLD SOME OF IT TO THE PLAYERS.)


I don't see this as a golden age for games at all. I'm truly bored with the direction games are taking. It's completely franchise driven, and they aren't even doing anything particularly interesting with franchises, they're just repeating themselves in increasingly more polished but less novel forms. I haven't seen anything that's even motivated me yet to buy a member of this console generation yet; there's nothing out there that grabs me by the balls and says "Play me, or miss out on something vital and important."

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