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Has playing a video game ever caused you to cry?

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This week, film critic Roger

This week, film critic Roger Moore proclaimed: "Nobody ever shed a tear over a video-game character's death."

Does that hold true for you? And if not, please share some examples of games that you have shed a tear over.

Sniper Wolf in the first MGS

When she dies and the wolves howl...

MGS & Kingdom Hearts

I can admit that I also Cried during the scene in MGS where Sniper Wolf Dies and the Wolf Howls. Since Otacon lost his g/f and he loved her so much.

I also have to say that I cried at the end of Kingdom Hearts when after all that Sora went thru he gets seperated from Kairi once again and they play the music as he lets her hand slip right from his. VERY SAD MOMENT!!!

Never cried before, but came

Never cried before, but came dangerously close at the end of Metal Gear Solid 3.

Also the ending of Shadow of the Colossus was really effective.


Obviously, only emo anime fans are casting a vote. I've been gaming for 28 years and a game has never made me cry. I've felt saddened, but crying?No.

Shedding a tear

I've shed a tear at some points in a well written story. The conclusion to the highest-level difficulty Max Payne 2, for instance.

I've not cried though - I haven't really over films either (although, again, shed a tear automatically). It does depend on the person though, feeling sadness doesn't have to come across as an arbitrary barrier of "crying".

Depends on the genre

I've noticed that genre plays heavily into this issue. For example, I've never shed a tear playing a FPS, because there simply isn't as much character development.

RPG's on the other hand . . .

I'd safely say that Lost Odyssey had one of the saddest moments I've ever seen in a video game. Not to mention it's one of the very best RPGs I've ever played.

Cry?? Really?

Maybe I'm an insensitive decepticon but I'm pretty sure i've never cried watching a movie. Although, it can get a bit dusty when bambi's mom dies but still. I think the bigger question is, with so many sappy tear jerky movies out there, is it such a bad thing videogames don't cater to such crude sentimentalism? I mean really, is the requiste emotion for "good art" sadness? Frankly, Mr. Moore would rather watch the notebook with a tub of hagen das, which is fine if its that's his thing, but shouldn't be a guideline for his critique of movies.

To answer the question: no a video game has not made me cry, but playing cod4 has made me curse a lot at the tv!

Dog fish

Dog fish


I don't know if I cried, but I'm pretty sure I got rather teared up in Final Fantasy VI when Kefka poisoned a whole castle's water supply, killing everyone but Cyan, and I think it happened again when Cyan sees his family boarding the Phantom Train. But then I'm sensitive like that.

God, what a great game.

cried through plenty of

cried through plenty of films, but not a game. it really does depend on the type of game, mostly those that actually have well-developed characters and a decent story

and the number of games satisfying that critera is pretty damn small...


hahahaha i cryed over supaer marios bros wehn i killed a turtle it was so sad death is so scary


The ending of Lufia II for the SNES.

Planescape: Torment

Planescape: Torment, the final Deionarra scene. I was so deeply immersed in this beautiful game, plus given my affection for ghost love stories – made me shed a couple of tears. I happen to feel strong sadness playing a game with a good story, but can't remember any other instances of me crying because of it. Oh wait, there's also Silent Hill 3, the scene of Harry Mason's death (Heather's father)

obviously, RPGs and adventures are more likely to be tearjerkers, considering the higher average quality of script / character development in these games, compared to other genres

I've also cried when playing

I've also cried when playing Lost Odyssey, but it I wouldn't purely say I cried 'at' the game itself, since the story and characters weren't all that great, but it was the Thousand Year of Dreams that did it for me. I wouldn't say it really counts, but that's one.

The other was at the end of Persona 3 -- I won't spoil it obviously, but that staid in my mind for a long time afterwards.

Another one, which may sound surprising, is Super Paper Mario -- again, the end to that game left me feeling more sad than usual when playing a game.

Overall, I do tend to laugh when people compare games and films on an emotional level; it's not that games haven't got the power to ignite emotions, it's just that most end not to (hence why we often point towards brainless Shoot-Em Ups like Gears of War as examples of poor storylines). But there are still games out there that can rival any top-class movie for an emotional plot, we just need more of 'em. =)

video game emotions

Final Fantasy X made me cry at the end and Final Fantasy X2, I cried during the singing scene in the Plains. You just get so invested in the characters, so immersed in the story and the emotions that it can make you cry.

And yes, I have cried at movies. Everytime I see Titanic (and I own it on DVD) I cry. Other movies, too.

If you don't get emotional, you aren't fully engaged in the movie or game. Now, I am not saying that everyone should cry but you should at least feel upset.

I have also cried with anger when trying to perform a certain battle or move and it takes me two hours or more to do it and then I die before I can save! ;)

Passage (obviously), but

Passage (obviously), but only when my little sister tried it, and had a strong reaction (I wasn't crazy!). The ''game'' took a new meaning for me since then.

Otherwise, many strong

Otherwise, many strong moments (loss of horse in SoC, climax of MGS3, Palom and Porom maybe... even the ending of Bad Fur Day for me!), but not exactly tear-inducing. Final chapter of Braid made a powerful impression on a friend, not so much for me (think I saw it coming...).

I think we can see clearly that games, as of now, are more capable of making breath-taking (but stand-alone) episodes emerge out of their plots than of sustaining a particular mood of dramatic intensity. Perhaps this has something to do with their length.

Final Fantasy II (IV) when

Final Fantasy II (IV) when Palom and Porom sacrife themselves and turn to stone, and at the end when all the characters you thought were dead come back to help, but then again I was like 9 or 10 when I first played this.

Oh, and I always cry after a couple of hours of Adventures of Lolo.


At the end, when you learn everthing, get a chance and the father dies. Hope there's no spoilers.

crying over video games

are you kidding before i beat halo3 on legendary i though master chief died i was inconsolable for about two weeks.
lol jk
movies do not make me cry either i very rarely die like whenever anyone in the immediate family dies thats about it

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