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Brad Gallaway

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9 years 38 weeks
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bradgallaway [at] gmail [dot] com
Brief Bio

Brad's passion for videogames began early. It wasn't long after taking off his training wheels that he started frequenting the shadier section of Chuck E. Cheese in search of dropped tokens. Soon after, he discovered a deep love for consoles despite being ruthlessly tricked into wasting good money on the Atari 2600 version of Space Shuttle.

Between games, Brad can be spotted spending time with his wife and two sons. He also has an embarrassingly huge collection of Transformers and remains a hardcore Masters of the Universe fan.

Brad's favorite game of all time: The first Mass Effect, and he wasn't bothered by the trilogy's ending.

Ten All-Time Favorites Games
10> Marvel Puzzle Quest, iOS 9> Helldivers, PS4 8> Nier, XB360 7> Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, PS2 6> Persona 3, PS2 5> Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, 3DS 4> Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, PSP 3> Fallout: New Vegas, XB360 2> Demon's Souls - PS3 1> Mass Effect - 360
Five Current Favorites Games
It's constantly changing... Check my blog for the most recent info!
Favorite Types of Games
Everything except sports or racing.

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