Demon's Souls... complete!

Demon's Souls Screenshot

Another quick post for tonight since the son is still here, but I am quite proud to say that I just finished Demon's Souls tonight.

For people who haven't played it yet or might not really care: It's a fantastic, superbly-designed game that has officially knocked my socks off. One of the best PS3 titles available, and at this point, my Game of the Year.

For those who have played it or who do care: My character was a level 80 Temple Knight focusing on Attack and Defense for melee combat. My endgame weapons were a +7 Halberd, a +4 Dragon Sword, and a Lava Bow. All told, it took me about 35 hours, give or take. Too bad there wasn't a death counter, I would've been curious to see how many times I was revived.

Anyway, I have to say it was a stiff challenge to not use magic at all (not recommended, really) but I was too attached to my character to begin a new one and by the time I realized that magic might be a good thing, I was too close to the end to really start grinding levels in order to get some.

Besides those issues, the devs included plenty of options to let players tackle the the game any way they wanted, so why shouldn't I do it without spells? After all, the GameFAQs boards are full of players who beat the monstrous bosses by using the same few magic spells and I have to say that I got a small measure of pride by not relying on overused cheese tactics to get past the rough spots.

Now that the game has been put to bed (no, not going for a New Game Plus, I actually have to spend time with some other games now. I am a reviewer, after all...) I can definitely say that Demon's Souls was an incredibly epic experience from start to finish, and certainly one of the most unforgettable games I've come across in quite some time.

FromSoft... My most heartfelt congratulations on an outstanding, peerless, master-class title. You rocked my world.

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