Deus Ex: The Conspiracy – Consumer Guide

According to ESRB, this game contains: Mild Language, Violence

Parents should keep this game away from children. First-person shooters are generally tainted with blood, and this game is no exception. Though the lackluster graphics dont portray it realistically, the characterizations are good enough that the deaths actually mean something. There are also constant references to prostitution, drugs, drug usage, alcohol consumption and a few cuss words here and there.

For fans of open-ended gameplay and virtual worlds, this is a must-buy. Though all paths eventually lead to the same conclusion, the method of reaching it varies, and can slightly alter the outcome. Action lovers might be disappointed because the games primary focus is exploration, role-playing and stealth.

RPG fans would also love the customization of your character, as well as the many interactions with non-playable characters.

Mature gamers might find something interesting in the themes of the game, and it might be an interesting way to introduce a teen to political science, social science and philosophy.

Conspiracy theorists would enjoy the constant references to their favorite topics, including aliens, the Illuminati and government cover-ups. Some may be turned off by the lackluster graphics, boring presentation, long loading times and control scheme. If that is the case (and even if it isnt the case), the PC version is highly recommended over this port.