Manhunt – Consumer Guide

According to ESRB, this game contains: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

Manhunt is, at heart, an interactive snuff film. Without a doubt, it's among the most unapologetically violent videogames in history. Human heads explode like pumpkins. Machetes, axes, meat cleavers are all used to disembowel enemies. Sniper rifles, when carefully aimed, can blow holes clean through heads. Wounded gang members beg for mercy, and the game gives players but one choice: deliver the death blow (an act which always left me feeling vaguely saddened). If there was ever a game that deserved the ESRB's Adult rating, this is it. (For some curious reason, it got a Mature rating.) Violence serves no dramatic purpose whatsoever in Manhunt; it's violence for the sake of violence. Adults with a delicate sensibility should obviously steer clear of this game. Manhunt, not surprisingly, is also racist and sexist. The White Trash gang, whenever they caught a glimpse of me, referred to me as a "half-breed." Another gang member, while chasing me, said, "You run like a beat-up hooker." There's absolutely nothing playful or lighthearted about the game. The protagonist kills without remorse, which makes it difficult to sympathize with him (even Agent 47 of Hitman fame has his moments of remorse).

Fans of the Tenchu, Silent Hill, Resident Evil series, or any of the recent Grand Theft Auto games might find a pleasurable moment or two in the game.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers could have some trouble playing Manhunt. The cut-scene dialogue is adequately subtitled, but the in-game comments of the gang members and certain audio cues (like Pigsy's wailing chainsaw) are obviously not subtitled.