Yu Gi Oh!: 7 Trials to Glory – Consumer Guide

If Parents really want to protect their children, then I suggest they think twice about letting them play this game. There's nothing morally offensive in terms of content, but the idea that there are kids who will get hooked on something so inherently drab and aimless is really rather disheartening. If nothing else, 7 Trials does at least cater to its audience with a vast array of new cards and virtually infinite, self-recycling gameplay.

Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! will doubtless enter some kind of drug-addled reverie for months on end after buying their first starter deck. The merits of such an effect are up to both the addicts and the creators to work out with their own consciences.  

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers will have no trouble appreciating the game, since absolutely no crucial information is conveyed via sound.