PaRappa The Rapper

Game Description: Parappa is a simple-minded and passionate type of guy and he's crazy about Sunny Funny. As Parappa faces a number of challenges, he bumps into rival characters, tries to get Sunny's attention and always gets into trouble. In a valiant effort to become a responsible pup and impress his one love, Parappa visits a karate dojou, takes driving lessons, works in a flea market, etc., in order to capture Sunny's heart. Will he succeed? You gotta believe!

PaRappa The Rapper – Review

As the PlayStation library becomes more and more cluttered with derivative software, I found it increasingly difficult to distinguish the good games from the bad ones. Lucky for Sony that there are still a few diamonds in the rough and a game like PaRappa The Rapper has no trouble separating itself from the pack. This game stands out in the best kinds of ways.

Visually, PaRappa is something to behold. The overall feel and art direction looks like something out of five year old's coloring book. Bucking all kind of trendy 3D flash-in-the-pants graphics, PaRappa is decisively two-dimensional in the most cartoon hilarious ways! The actual character designs of Parappa and his friends are all designed in a children's book style only previously seen in a game like Yoshi's Island for the SNES. To top it off, the story, progressed though wonderfully thoughtful full-motion video sequences, about Parappa (a dog) trying to win the love of Sunny Funny (a flower) by rapping is simply too funny and wacky to comprehend; a kind of must see it, to believe it mentality.

PaRappa's concept based on rap, plays something like a cross between Simon-Says and Tekken-style 10-hit combos in a music video. While this may sound simple, it no where near demonstrates the depth of the game. Players must match rap lyrics by pressing buttons with split second accuracy and even daring players further by free-styling which is creatively remixing the lyrics to form new beats. The game covers a wide variety of raps and rather than promoting a stereotype, PaRappa excels in its most important characteristic, its music with creative old school lyrics with lots of fun and plenty of laughs. Each rap ends up close to being a sort of mini-tribute to each style. In fact, the music is so good and catchy, I found myself rapping the lyrics of PaRappa at the most inappropriate times outside of playing the game.

Overall, the game is short and is easy to beat, but this is another example of how games shouldn't be judged by the length of the game, but the quality of the experience. The magic of PaRappa will not be easily cloned and we'll probably only get one like it in our lifetime. Sure to transcend cultural differences, PaRappa is special; plain and simple. Rating: 9 out of 10

PaRappa The Rapper – Second Opinion

If nothing else PaRappa The Rapper broke all the rules. I remember like Chi, when PaRappa was released and some people dogged it because it was very simple looking game. It didn't have the latest in 3D graphics and state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI). No one knew for sure how the gaming public as a whole would except it. It didn't fit into any particular genre and to call it unconventional was an understatement. No one saw a market for this type of game and no one was willing to even test the market until this game was released.

I liked this game too. I have to admit that I was not expecting to like it as much as I did because it was so new and different. It's obvious that Sony put a lot of work into making sure that someone like me would come back to it. When I finally beat some of the stages through mimicking the "teacher", I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game was not over. There's the option to free-style that Chi mentioned where I was encouraged to add my own combinations and style to the rap the teacher provided. It offered a great new dimension to the game as I could add further personalize the experience. That's a unique feat that definitely scored points with me.

When Chi called PaRappa special I remembered when I first saw the Jamaican frog's stage. It was so strange to be playing music in a game but it was even stranger to be doing so to Reggae beats. It was actually true to the music, not too stereotypical which was rare in a game from Japan. It showed that the developers cared about the product they were releasing. As a result, PaRappa offered one of the best and most refreshing experiences I have ever had as a game player. It's just good-natured fun. I find myself using the word "fun" very often to describe the game but I believe that's the highest compliment I can give any game. Rating: 9.0 out of 10

PaRappa The Rapper – Consumer Guide

Battle hardened cynical gamers not in touch with their sensitive side beware. You won't find any killing, decapitating or blood letting here. What you do get is vibrant child-happy colors, excruciatingly cute cartoon characters and some seriously funny rapping to go along with the surreal story. You've never encountered anything quite like this before.

Girl gamers should fall instantly in love with Parappa and his puppy love antics while children should be able to handle the simplistic yet meaningful controls with no problem. What about the rest of us twenty something and up so-called mature male gamers? Either pull down your shades or justify playing it with your girlfriend by you side. Truly a game for all ages and while its short in length, its long on originality.