Ghosthunter – Consumer Guide

According to ESRB, this game contains: Mild Language, Violence

Parents shouldn't worry too much about this one. Despite some mildly unpleasant subject matter and a single swear word that isn't mentioned on the ESRB warning, this is PG-13 horror all the way, and completely safe for teens.

Voice over fans are in for a treat, as animation stalwart Rob Paulsen voices Jones, and the Brother From Another Planet himself, Joe Morton, is on hand as the Professor.

Judge Dredd fans take special note: one of the game's monsters looks just like a Klegg. I'm sure it's unintentional, but it's still fun.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers have little to worry about: all important mission information is given onscreen, and there aren't any vital audio cues of note.