Gamecritics Staff Pick The Top 3 Games of 2016

Here at Gamecritics, we have a wide variety of writers, and along with those writers comes a wide variety of opinions. While the site (as a whole) will pick just one title as the best of 2016 on our upcoming end-of-year podcast, we wanted to hear from some of our staff members who were not on the show.

Presented below in the order they were submitted are the top three picks (some in numbered order, some not) from John Vanderhoef, Zack Zweizen, Paul Stuart, Brad Bortone, Nick Kummert, Joshua Tolentino, Marcus Lawrence and Corey Motley.

The Great Gamecritics Game Giveaway 2016

Here at Gamecritics, we get more codes than we can use, and instead of just throwing them away or letting them gather electronic dust, we save them up until we get a pile and then we just straight-up give them away.

The next code blowout will be this Sunday, December 18, at about 8:30PM (or so) Pacific time.

HOGuru Plays Haunted Hotel: Ancient Bane


There’s another mystery for James and his player-controlled sidekick to solve – this time it concerns missing intellectuals at a haunted hotel! The twist? This time the hotel is supposed to be haunted! That’s right, in one of the series’ more audacious premises, a man with the warning-bells name of ‘Abraham Shadowy’ has built a hotel designed to terrify its thrill-seeking guests.

HOGuru Plays Haunted Hotel Phoenix


After the strange way Haunted Hotel: Eternity wrapped up, with its Mystery Trackers crossover ending and history-altering bonus episode, I had no idea what to expect from Phoenix. Would it follow the same character from the previous game, as the previous trilogy of games had? Or would it depart from the detective millieu entirely and go off in a new direction?

HOGuru Plays Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence


One of my favourite subgenres in HOGS I review are the stealth adaptations. Whether it’s a popular video game franchise like Bioshock or a minor literary classic like The Shadow Over Innsmouth, I enjoy seeing how game developers who profoundly don’t have the rights to a certain piece of media transform it into a hidden object game. How subtle will they be in their use of locations, character designs, entire plots?

HOGuru Plays Haunted Hotel: Eclipse


I’m not sure this review can be trusted. It’s entirely possible that I love this game far too much for my opinions about its merits to be trusted. What explains this adoration? It revolves entirely around the game’s premise, and its straightforward exploration thereof.

HOGuru Plays Demon Hunter 3: Revelation


Demon Hunter 3 has a proud pedigree to live up to. While the first two games in the series weren’t the best HOGs I’ve ever played, they were by far the most endearingly strange. The first game will always hold a place in my heart due to its use of a photo of Jeffrey Combs as one of its villains, as well as introducing me to my spirit animal, Scarecrow Dentist.