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Tapas Time!

Tango was a completely pleasurable experience and well worth the ulcer-inducing parking job I had to pull off in the small lot across the street... I think I had about an inch and a half of clearance between my car in the next, and I exited the vehicle by excluding over to the passenger side and squeezing out.  Just barely.

Responding to Vista criticisms

I've come across a number of Vista-bashing articles on the web, with titles in the vein of "Ten Reasons Not to Buy Vista" or "Why Vista is the Dumbest Thing Ever Made By Anyone"

My war with geometry

While I'm all in favor of Xbox Live (for the game demos, anyway), I don't think I should have to keep my 360 logged on at all times to get the benefits.

Why the PSP blows goat: Reason #327

Of course, this is the one day when I decide to not bring along the unwieldy PSP cord and little power brick that comes along with it.  For something with the word "portable" in its title, that plug is something that doesn't fit easily into soft carrying cases and seems to always get in the way whenever I bring it somewhere. 

Hey, Volition - F**K You.

That's right, you heard me. I've been playing your game "Saint's Row", and while the vast majority of the content falls under the standard GTA rip-off umbrella category of toothless satire and gangster juvenalia, there's one thing that I found truly offensive...

Is “future-proof” PS3 worth the shortage?

Read blog about PS3 ShortageWith the lack of demand for Blu-ray and the growing trend of making past generation titles available for download on virtual consoles-essentially making backwards compatible disc media unnecessary, was it worth the launch day pains that Sony put consumers through?

Geeking Out: Manhunt 2, Wicksboro, and Ghoul

Another week, another list of stuff I'm excited about. Read on and bask in the nerdiness.

Back To Stone – GBA blogview-in-progress

I've been rocking my DS more than any other system lately and I've really been trying to dig up lesser-known gems... Back To Stone is a GBA cart that seems to meet the criteria so far.  The gameplay is quite satisfying, and I haven't heard a peep about it anywhere, either in magazines or online. 

The (current) dark side of Vista

I think it's time to talk a little more in depth about the problems I've had with Vista which, few though they are, can be a bit annoying.

Saving the (Rogue) Galaxy, saving gaming (for me)?

Waxing not-so-poetically with musings that touch on Xenosaga III, meander through the dislike of Final Fantasy XII, and most importanly give impressions of Rogue Galaxy.
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