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GameCritics.com changes with the times

It's finally here (removes shrink-wrap from website). Drum roll please... I'm proud to unveil the new redesign of GameCritics.com. For those who have been keeping track, this is actually the third version of the site since it debuted seven years ago on July of 1999.

Windows Vista and the EULA of Doom

Much has been made of the EULA for Vista by enthusiasts who are angry at what they perceive as significantly greater restrictions on their shiny new operating system. I've heard both sides of the argument and while I'm no lawyer and I don't think Microsoft's EULA is the most user-conscious thing around, I think much of the negative hype has been overblown.

"Exclusive" is a four-letter word

The word "exclusive" has been a major buzzword since the NES days. But the times, they are a-changin’. Third-party titles are costing more money than ever before, and to put a game out on a single system is now no longer a viable option. The bottom line: few “exclusives” are exclusive anymore. And I couldn’t be happier.

Age segregation in gaming

I was perusing my usual slate of gaming news sites when I came across a story about some pre-pubescent kid trying to be all “cool” while trying to join a guild. He used such colorful phrases as “I wouldn’t mind if a girl raped me” while attempting to show his supposed manliness (or, at least, I assume that’s what he was trying to do). When told that it could mean something else, he replied, “But girls don’t have a pee pee!”

Falling from the trees, or evolution overdrive

Gaming is evolving faster than any medium in recent memory. Can we even keep up? With every generation, you only have to look at the pre-redendered cut-scenes to know what the following generation's graphics will realistically look like.

Spoiler warning!

Why do reviewers think themselves justified in revealing game secrets? Do they think that the best way to describe a game's twisting plotlines or hidden surprises is to simply reveal a few of them?

Crysis delayed?

Cevat Yerli, president of Crytek, has recently issued a statement that the hotly anticipated DirectX 10 game Crysis will be released "a little later than planned." Since they never confirmed even a general time frame for the release date in the first place, it's a little difficult to know what exactly that means.

nVidia takes back the performance crown

It's getting harder and harder these days to keep pace with all the new technology being released in the PC world. Just when you thought dual-core processors were the future (yesterday), Intel released its first quad core processor. AMD, not a company to sit around idly and get slapped around, released its "Quad FX" motherboard, which enables two dual-core processors to be run together (hmmm... didn't Apple do that already?).

PS3 impressions

I suppose my first play on what is going to be the dominant home console for the next, ooohh, 6 years or so probably deserves some comment. Not too much though. Playing a current-gen title on the new hardware (the latest Tony Hawk's) only brought home what a straightforward upgrade the PS3 really is. And how arrogant that price point and format choice seems.

What is it we're queuing for again?

I know I linked to this video in my News Rundown this week, but for those who didn't watch it all, I just had to point out one of the interviewee's queuing out in the cold for a PS3.
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