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Heidi Klum Guitar Hero commercial on The O'Reilly Factor

Bill O'Reilly must have had an intern scouring the Internet for news because the Internet-only version of the Heidi Klum Guitar Hero World Tour commercial was the subject of discussion on last week's The O'Reilly Factor.

The twist is that O'Reilly thinks like most red-blooded American (male) gamers, that Heidi Klum in nothing but a T-Shirt and underwear is very appealing.

But in an effort to not come off as sexist or offend his conservative viewers who might have a problem with the video—and his approval of said video—he asks two pundits to chime in. And in another twist, the conservative female pundits see nothing wrong with the commercial for the most part. 

Heidi Klum Guitar Hero World Tour Commercial on O'Reilly Factor

Fanboys exacting console vengence through MetaCritic reviews

Anyone with a gaming magazine, website or blog knows the wrath of fanboys. No opinion, no matter how well thought out, matters except their own and damn anyone who thinks otherwise. We have had our share of "negative reaction" from the occasional negative or overly critical review, but thankfully, have never witnessed the pathetic lengths MetaCritic users have stooped to. 

'We contacted (MetaCritic games editor Marc) Doyle for clarification, and he told us that the issue of unbalanced user reviews "hasn't been a systematic problem" on the site. According to Doyle, it's only really popped up recently and mostly for console-exclusive titles. Two other strong examples exist: Resistance 2 has a Metascore of 89 with a user score of 5.3/10, and Little Big Planet has a Metascore of 95 with a user score of 6.1/10.

Doyle says the issue stems from the site's foundation. User reviews were allowed to be entered before a game's release because they "wanted people who had legitimately played the game ahead of its release to post them." Stacked on top of that was a desire for an easy sign-up process. "The founders were really interested in not having people sign up for a really huge registration process just so they can participate on the site," Doyle said, adding, "Obviously that's been exploited."'

Even vampires are playing the Wii

The Wii was seen on HBO's True Blood of all places this past weekend. HBO seems to have just taken that product placement money and didn't think twice. No observation, no explanation during its brief appearance. There wasn't even the cursory, "I play videogames because being a 200-year-old vampire I can no longer play golf or sports during the day." None of that. They just made sure the Wii-mote was in view and dropped the "Wii" name a few times.

Obama and Palin coming to Mercenaries 2 as playable characters

This has April Fools joke written all over it, but this is October so... what the hell? Senator Barack Obama and Governor Sarah Palin are playable characters in the upcoming DLC for Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. I can understand why no Joe Biden, but why no John McCain? It's ironic that the candidate with actual military experience is excluded in favor of the Vice-Presidential nominee with more star power.

"Nerd" proposes to girlfriend by hacking Chrono Trigger

This dude is lucky on two fronts. A) He found a woman who would sit through a play session of Chrono Trigger and B) he found a woman that was happy to say yes after said play session. There have to be easier ways to pop the question—hacking a game isn't child's play—but maybe it was worth it for this guy just to hack one of his favorite games. That the young lady said yes was a bonus.

Mega Man 9 - Rockin' in Paper!

Critical News Rundown - Wednesday, 10/22/2008

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is back; Playboy's Damon Brown wrote a book about virtual sex has evolved since the crude days of the Apple II and Atari 2600; the music genre surpasses sports as the second most played genre; patent for real-time censoring of audio streams; Microsoft finally gets its patent for real-time censoring of audio streams; and finally, fans have put together an elaborate handbook for anyone who can't wait for Nintendo to get around to localizing Mother 3.

Electronic Entertainment Expo (e3) and (hopefully) the Booth Babes are back!

LittleBigPlanet: Don't expect a dime for all of your hard work


This isn't the first time Sony tried its hand at giving PlayStation owners the ability to create content for its console—anyone remember the Yaruze? Well, unlike that obscure piece of expensive tech, LittleBigPlanet is a trojan horse—a software development toolkit in the guise of a videogame that will automatically create content that Sony can just take and resell to whomever it feels like. So far gamers are more than happy with this arrangement, but as familiarity with the software and ambition of the content creators grow, so will their desire to reap some benefits from their labor.

"...we could all be working for Sony, crafting and sharing levels that Sony owns outright. Perhaps some of those levels will end up being packaged as downloadable content, much the same way that fruit of some of LittleBigPlanet's best beta players is being packaged with the official release.

But how does the equation change as user-generated content becomes less a matter of remixing existing intellectual property by 'modding' a game and starts to look more like the creation of original work? What happens when the systems game developers build for us are less games than platforms for the creation of new games?

IGN study challenges gamer stereotypes

Scanning the local and cable news channels, I haven't seen hide nor hair of this study. You would think FOX News would give it cursory coverage given that IGN is owned by NewsCorp, but that is probably asking too much.

"The study reported that 55% of gamers polled are married, 48% have kids, and those who have started gaming in the past two years are on average 32 years old. 'Based on the research, it's obvious that the gaming market has outgrown many commonly held stereotypes about the relative homogeneity of video gamers,' said Adam Wright, Director of Research for Ipsos MediaCT. 'Today's gamers represent a wide variety of demographic groups: men and women, kids, parents and grandparents, younger and older consumers. All this underscores the fact that gaming has become a mainstream medium in this country that appeals to people from all walks of life.'"

Critical News Rundown - Friday, 10/17/2008

Sony delays LittleBigPlanet so as to not offend Muslims; Braid gets a negative review (not new, but still interesting); Obama uses Electronic Arts games to advertise to our kids; Uwe Boll gets a positive write-up; a London mayor decides he actually does love (money from) games; a study shows parents happy with games; new ESRB ratings (just for fun); Will Wright's take on DRM; and one lucky kids gets a cool Mega Man costume for Halloween.

Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet

First up is news that Sony will be delaying LittleBigPlanet worldwide. It is unfortunate, but to play it safe and avoid an unpredictable backlash from the Muslim world, Sony will delay its most important title of 2008. It's all because of two expressions that can be found in the Qur'an are present in some background music.

"During the review process prior to the release of LittleBigPlanet, it has been brought to our attention that one of the background music tracks licensed from a record label for use in the game contains two expressions that can be found in the Qur’an. We have taken immediate action to rectify this and we sincerely apologize for any offense that this may have caused."

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