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Video: Super Smash Land Demo 2 makes us ponder what might have been

This is the second trailer—don't know how I missed the first trailer—of fan-made Super Smash Land. Essentially its Super Smash Bros. remade as a Game Boy game and available for the PC. Yeah, I know we were all asking for this ever since the Nintendo 64 original, but you know that Nintendo can drag its feet when it comes to giving the fans what they want.

Right now, Dan Fornace's Smash Bros. demake is only available as a demo and only features Mario, Kirby, Pikachu and Link. But Fornace promises the final game will be completed soon and support more modes than one should expect from a game made by one person.

Super Smash Land Demo 2 makes us ponder what might have been

Video: Beyond Good & Evil HD: First eight minutes

While no one at Ubisoft seems to know for sure whether there will be an actual sequel to Michel Ancel's Beyond Good & Evil, there is no doubt that an High-Defintion (HD) version of the original game will be making its way to the current-gen HD consoles.

Set for release on Xbox Live Arcade (March 3rd) and the PlayStation Network (at a later date), this update features 1080p visuals (improved character models and textures) as well as a remastered soundtrack. Achievements, trophies and online leaderboards will also be added.

Video: Beyond Good & Evil HD: First eight minutes

NYU screens Game Center Film Series starting February 24th

NYU screens Game Center Film Series starting February 24th

Starting this Thursday (Feb. 24th), the New York University Game Center will begin screening it's first Film Series. This series consists of four short films, each dealing with at least one aspect of the gaming culture. Each film will feature a brief introduction by Game Center Researcher, Charles Pratt, and followed by a Q & A session with the creators of the film. The event begins this Thursday (February 24th) with the screening of Play! at 7:00pm in the Tisch School in the Skirball Center for New Media at 721 Broadway, Rm 006. The series is open to students, faculty and the general public.

AbleGamers announce "Gamers Doing Good" panel at PAX-East

AbleGamers announce "Gamers Doing Good" panel at PAX-East

The AbleGamers Foundation and Gamers Outreach Foundation team up for a panel called "Gamers Doing Good - How We Use Video Games to Make Life Better for Others." The purpose of the panel is to "discuss how video games are being used to help others from the disabled to military veterans". It takes place at the PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts on March, 11, 5pm EST at Cat Theater.

Joining the panelists will be Avery Alix of PopCap Games (who will be moderatoring) and Christopher Frost of RadioActive Nerd.

Tickets to PAX-East are going fast so register quickly.

Video: Dead Island gets Minecraft treatment

You know you've struck a cord with the gaming public when you get "immortalized" by someone in a  game like LittleBigPlanet or Minecraft. I mean, it says a lot when someone is willing to forego another Mario or Legend of Zelda homage in favor of something contemporary like Dead Island—not the game of course, but the trailer! 

Unfortunately, this translation doesn't quite match the haunting appeal of the eagerly anticipated first-person shooter/horror/role-playing game. Instead, it is quite adorable. Not exactly the effect its creator was going for I'm sure.

Dead Island gets Minecraft treatment

Video: Good Idea #357: Deep fry PlayStation Portable then eat it

Winning the award for dumbest thing I've ever seen someone do this year is this video out of Japan. Some genius and other MENSA members got together and decided it was a good idea to deep fry a PlayStation Portable. If that weren't bad enough, they then concluded that it would be a good idea to then eat it.

Now how much do you hate Sony, the PlayStation Portable or living that you'd do something so asinine?

Good Idea #357: Deep fry PlayStation Portable then eat it

Chinatown Fair closing its doors (Update)

Chinatown Fair closing its doors

Can't recall ever going here.

I must have at some point. During high school, it felt like Chi, some friends and I must have hit every arcade on the island of Manhattan. So we must have made it through the doors of Chinatown Fair.

News of its impending closing hit Twitter today. (Not many people saw it coming, in fact there was a nice piece written about it by someone who just discovered it existed.)

Apparently, it's lease runs out on February 23rd (Wednesday) and the owner seems to lack the funds to renew. That really is a shame, because A) I thought all arcade spots in New York were gone and B) most news posts about its closing proclaim it to be one of the last great arcade gaming spots, not just in New York, but in the country.

This news comes soon after the announcement that California's Arcade Infinity is also closing its doors.

Arcades like this one were the place to go for more than simply playing some Street Fighter or Ms. Pac-Man. They encouraged the gathering of even the most anti-social nerds, hipsters, thugs, casual and hardcore players and even the occasional female. Here they could just blow off steam or test their skills against other players.

That's why its so sad to hear a place like Chinatown Fair is closing. Places like this don't exist in the real world anymore.

(Update 02/22/11) Joystiq is reporting that all may not be lost after all for Chinatown Fair. The owner, Samuel Palmer, is still in negotiations with the landlord over a new lease. If things can not be worked out, Palmer might be considering relocating to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But that is only if nothing can be worked out. All current plans include staying at that location and being there for a long time.

Video: Doom running on graphing calculator

It's pretty much what the title says: Doom running on a Texas Instruments Nspire graphing calculator. It's not the first example of geeks getting game code to run on these graphing calculators—people have been trying to cram Doom and Wolfenstein 3D into them for years—but this particular attempt looks insanely good.

Doom running on Texas Instruments Nspire graphing calculator

Cosplay: Street Fighter's Ryu... with actual Hadoken

Street Fighter II - Ryu cosplay

Since many of you are playing Marvel vs Capcom 3, I thought you'd appreciate some Ryu cosplay. As cosplay goes, you have to give this guy the prize for actually producing a fireball for the photo shoot.

Cast vote for content of Smithsonian's Art of Videogames exhibit

The Art of Video Games

Are videogames art? Many in the industry have been asking that question for a while and it has spawned many a debate. Those who believe they are in fact art, point to games featured in a museum or gallery exhibit as a sign that they are and that people outside the industry are viewing them as such. None other than The Smithsonian American Art Museum is putting together an exhibit called The Art of Video Games. But the museum and its curator are asking gamers to help select which games will be featured in the exhibit.

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