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Dale Weir's blog

Card Sagas Wars: Samus vs Master Chief

Finally, an answer to the question of who would win in a fight between Samus and Master Chief.

One thing though, Samus seems pretty underpowered here. She seemed to call everyone from Princess Peach to Pocky and Rocky for help to take Master Chief down.

Card Sagas Wars: Samus vs Master Chief

Nintendo launches 3DS at NYC event

Nintendo launches 3DS at NYC event

It was cold, it was dark and it was crowded on Sunday morning at 12 midnight outside of the Best Buy in Union Square, New York City. That combination would usually keep people away from launch events like this one. And maybe it did because Joystiq's Ben Gilbert reports that the numbers were not as large as expected. Still, there was a healthy number of early adopters on hand to be (arguably) the first in the United States to say they own Nintendo's new piece of tech, the Nintendo 3DS.

Four-year old gets Mario-themed birthday party

Four-year old gets Mario-themed birthday party

Some kids get parties where they get to dress up as their favorite super hero or game character and their Mom and Dad throws around some related paraphernalia (mostly store-bought shlock).

This four-year-old's parents went above the call to create something so authentic and detailed that its a shame the four-year-old won't remember it when he or she is older.

How to create a life-sized paper verison of No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown

Life-sized papercraft of No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown

A user named ddi7i4d on the instructables website has created a full-size model of No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown out of paper. Why would he do such a thing? Who knows? Maybe because someone told him he couldn't. Whatever the reason, the world now has a 1.86 meter (whatever that is in feet and inches) papercraft figure that watches over ddi7i4d's apartment.

Video: "Mario" Movie

It seems anyone with a camera and fellow film students with free time has made a Super Mario Bros. movie. This latest one goes at the Mario story from perhaps a more realistic angle. The story of Mario seems the result of a series of hallucinogenic experiences by the lead character. Are those really power-up blocks he sees? Is Bowser really a lizard? Maybe Mario just has a substance abuse problem.

Video: Mario Movie

$249 3DS only costs Nintendo $101

Nintendo 3DS Image

There was a lot of debate over the final price of the Nintendo 3DS after its Japanese launch price was announced at ¥30,000. The debate got louder when gamers and journalists realized that equaled about $370. Things get more interesting this week after UBM TechInsights' breakdown of the 3DS' internal hardware that was revealed by Eurogamer. In it we learn that it costs Nintendo about $101 to assemble the 3DS. This means it is selling the new handheld for about $100 more than it might need to.

Video: Kinect brings out the Disco Inferno in Star Trek fan

When the world of Star Trek and motion-controlled gaming mix, the result is rarely pretty.

Video: Kinect brings out the Disco Inferno in Star Trek fan

Sensitivity to earthquake, tsumani disaster results in delays and cancellations

Disaster Report 4 Screenshot

We've all heard the numbers. Billions of yen needed to repair Japan. Millions of Japanese citizens without power or drinkable water. And a nuclear reactor, that appears to be rescued from collapse on a daily basis. This makes what I'm about to write seem trite by comparison. While not as dire a consequence as lack of food, water and shelter, the Japan disaster has resulted in delays and even cancellations of major game titles.

Video: King of Kong's Billy Mitchell opens arcade in Orlando airport

Video: King of Kong's Billy Mitchell opens arcade in Orlando airport

Is there anything that Billy Mitchell can't do? He runs Rickey's World Famous Restaurant—yes, the Rickey's World Famous Restaurant; he sets and breaks records at classics like Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. almost at will; and now he might be trying to resurrect the American arcade.

Cosplay: Jade's flawless Mortal Kombat kosplay

Cosplay: Mortal Kombat's Jade

There has been an awful lot of talk lately regarding Ed Boon's new Mortal Kombat game due out on April 19th. So I figure, why not post some Mortal Kombat cosplay images? CelestialMaiden is responsible for this stunning Jade cosplay.

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