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Brad Gallaway's blog

Dem Ol' 360 No-Download Blues

There was supposed to be a downloadable update of 4 new heroes and 4 villains (!) for the game scheduled for 4/10, but the day has come and gone and no update yet.

Saving earth and whacking pinatas

EDF 2017, Viva Pinata, Quality Time and Cable Installation

I stole 120 Minutes: Aeon Flux

I'll have more on this later, but at this point it's looking like Aeon Flux is a pretty good game on its own, let alone being one of the better licensed games to come down the pike.

Tapas Time!

Tango was a completely pleasurable experience and well worth the ulcer-inducing parking job I had to pull off in the small lot across the street... I think I had about an inch and a half of clearance between my car in the next, and I exited the vehicle by excluding over to the passenger side and squeezing out.  Just barely.

Why the PSP blows goat: Reason #327

Of course, this is the one day when I decide to not bring along the unwieldy PSP cord and little power brick that comes along with it.  For something with the word "portable" in its title, that plug is something that doesn't fit easily into soft carrying cases and seems to always get in the way whenever I bring it somewhere. 

Back To Stone – GBA blogview-in-progress

I've been rocking my DS more than any other system lately and I've really been trying to dig up lesser-known gems... Back To Stone is a GBA cart that seems to meet the criteria so far.  The gameplay is quite satisfying, and I haven't heard a peep about it anywhere, either in magazines or online. 

How did he come up with that number?!?

Is this the best possible way to review games?  I don't know, but what I do know is that this is the way I do it.

Co-op gaming is back

My brother and I are half an hour apart on a good traffic day, we both work full-time jobs, and we both have real-life commitments that make getting together on a regular basis somewhat prohibitive. But thanks to Microsoft, Epic, and Marcus Fenix, we can hook up for a few hours at night and relive (sort of) the days we spent hanging out in a crowded bedroom elbowing each other out of the way and passing snacks back and forth. 

Brad's 2006 year-end wrapup

2006 was a strange year for me. Looking back, it seems odd that two new systems were launched, yet I had almost no interest or enthusiasm for either one. I barely followed the news, and I wasn't interested in the latest informational tidbits.  I played fewer games last year than I had in a long time, I didn't pre-order anything, and I stood in no lines.

Fourth quarter (personal) madness

I'm usually pretty busy cranking out reviews and playing games, but a ton of things happened in the last few months, and my play/production has dropped down to near-zero.
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