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Brad Gallaway's blog

Back To Stone – GBA blogview-in-progress

I've been rocking my DS more than any other system lately and I've really been trying to dig up lesser-known gems... Back To Stone is a GBA cart that seems to meet the criteria so far.  The gameplay is quite satisfying, and I haven't heard a peep about it anywhere, either in magazines or online. 

How did he come up with that number?!?

Is this the best possible way to review games?  I don't know, but what I do know is that this is the way I do it.

Co-op gaming is back

My brother and I are half an hour apart on a good traffic day, we both work full-time jobs, and we both have real-life commitments that make getting together on a regular basis somewhat prohibitive. But thanks to Microsoft, Epic, and Marcus Fenix, we can hook up for a few hours at night and relive (sort of) the days we spent hanging out in a crowded bedroom elbowing each other out of the way and passing snacks back and forth. 

Brad's 2006 year-end wrapup

2006 was a strange year for me. Looking back, it seems odd that two new systems were launched, yet I had almost no interest or enthusiasm for either one. I barely followed the news, and I wasn't interested in the latest informational tidbits.  I played fewer games last year than I had in a long time, I didn't pre-order anything, and I stood in no lines.

Fourth quarter (personal) madness

I'm usually pretty busy cranking out reviews and playing games, but a ton of things happened in the last few months, and my play/production has dropped down to near-zero.

The Silent Hill Experience – blogview

Although my interest in the PSP lies first and foremost with games, it's obvious that Sony has had larger plans for the shiny black brick from the start. I don't have much desire to fill my shelves with UMD movies, but I’m always interested in seeing game-related products—along these lines, Konami seems to be testing the waters with two releases expanding on a pair of their biggest franchises; the Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel, and The Silent Hill Experience.
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