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Are the cut-scenes in Metal Gear Solid 4 too long?

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It's interesting to see that

It's interesting to see that a majority of the pollsters here don't think the cut-scenes are too long in MGS4. I'd like to hear from people as to why they don't think the cut-scenes are too long. Does it add to the gaming experience? Do you think it's fundamentally what makes a Metal Gear game special?

Cut scenes are dead.

Seriously, who is still using cut-scenes anymore? Even the die-hards who must include something like them (fogies!) are using QTEs.

OK, OK, I know. I'm an extremist in these regards. But I really think the day of the cut scene is dead. It's time to move into full, in-game communication for story.

Does it add to the gaming

Does it add to the gaming experience? Do you think it's fundamentally what makes a Metal Gear game special?

Yes and yes. The only thing that is too long are some of the codec conversations with Drebin. They're irrelevant to the plot. The cutscenes on the other hand, are integral.

I found myself enjoying

I found myself enjoying every one of them and not realising the time it took for me to watch it. I think if you just sit back and immerse yourself into the game you'll notice this too.

It could always be taken back to The Lord of the Rings, a book which is definately in most peoples Literary Canon. Tolkein adds some crazy stuff to his book with at times massive discussions about things that are somewhat uselsess to the plot.

But in the end it's just a matter of opinion, to me the cutscenes dont take anything from the game but rather add to the game. The only lengthy bit I found in the game were the Drebin codec calls (even though they represented one of the main themes of the game) but they can be fast-forwarded, so it didn't really matter. It would be interesting to see if Kojima's protégé (or Kojima himself...) implements this feature into the cutscenes of the next game.

Hell yes, they're too long.

I'm sitting here browsing the Internet while someone named "Big Mama" blathers at me about stuff I have absolutely no interest in. I could easily skip it, I know, but I wanted to see if anyone else was as annoyed at these as I am.

Perfect! Big Boss has been

Perfect! Big Boss has been blathering at me for the last 30 minutes. I want to see the damn end! lol

Way too long

Yes, yes, and more yes. They really overdid the movie portion of this game. The last 2 or so hours is about 15 minutes of actual gaming. It almost seems as though they game developers were way behind the "scene developers" because the gameplay at the end is really lame. For me, it was impossible to stay interested in the story because they made it way too boring. I didn't care about any of the characters or the story. When I finished the game I was just angry. It was like going to see a really bad 6 hour movie.

Metal Gear Solid cut scenes are way too long.

I feel that the cut scenes are way too long. Me and my buddy sat through just one of the 4 million bloody scenes, and it lasted 1/2 hour. He ended up going home and I had to skip through 3 more cut scenes only to be lead into another 4 - which incidentally I skipped. Seriously, I paid for a game not a movie. Now I'm not against the whole movie scenes, as for games, I feel Drake's Fortune has the perfect mix of gameplay and cut scenes.

Anyhow, that's my opinion. If it was not for MGS4 amazing gameplay and kind of cool story line, the game would be a huge waste of time. And I'm also having trouble even getting into a game online. It seems that you have to wait a million years or you don't get into one at all.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Cutscenes

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4. Instead of just playing the game they allow you to be a part of it.

Not only do they make you feel more involved, they add to the story... And the better the story the better the game!

However that is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own

I have to say "yes". I

I have to say "yes".
I borrowed my friends ps3 last week to play MGS4 and I have to say that it took just as long to watch the cut-scenes as it did to play through the game. These scenes, althrough well done don't add much to the game itself. The story may benifit from these scenes but don't serve the gameplay at all. If only the QTE (X and L1 buttons) would have an effect on the scenario (see farenheit) would they actually have a purpose (imo). I asked this question to all my friends that had played the game and they simply replied that they didn't watch them, (thanks to the skip option we aren't obliged to bare through them).

Yes, yes and yes.

YES...I think they are too long. I wonder if the developers have ever heard of concision? Could have had the same story packed into much shorter scenes and dropped a lot of the overly and forced drama that these scenes try and force in everywhere. I like games with story, but this was more like a long, somewhat confusing movie that you could play a little bit here and there. And the story in these games are confusing mostly because they are soo friggin long that my mind starts to drift and also because I only played MGS 1 and 2. So I missed a bunch.

My 2 cents.

Cut scene and codec

Cut scene and codec communication is really a waste of time, agree with others....I just want to play not watch a movie. game is good but the constant codec interruption and the movie scenes just kills it!!! $50 anime movie is what it is!!

well said...well said

well said...well said

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