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Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Review

Götterdämmerung like it’s 2007

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir_20160218151310

HIGH Vanillaware’s best game looks and plays better than ever

LOW The changes don’t quite mask some of the repetition

WTF Experiencing Vanillaware’s glorious food/cooking obsession in glorious HD

Preview: Monster Hunter Generations


There are few games I love as much as Monster Hunter, and I’m thrilled to say that the next installment being released in the west, Monster Hunter Generations, is coming quite soon – it’s hitting the 3DS on July 15th this year.



Overwatch’s Heritage


Originally I had written parts of this article for my Overwatch review, but I couldn’t justify another 700 words of straight Team Fortress 2 comparison. Those words now go here, since I wanted to go into more detail about just how much Overwatch is a spiritual child of Team Fortress 2. The TF2 heritage goes beyond aesthetic qualities and deep into the mechanics of its characters. Thus, seasoned TF2 veterans will recognize these similarities very quickly.

DOOM (PC) review

DOOM! Shake, shake, shake the room!


HIGH It’s… it’s Doom! A real, modern Doom game!

LOW These gun sound effects are a little underwhelming.

WTF Why didn’t I pick Ultra Violence first time through?

Koihime Enbu review

Kicking faces in the name of friendship.


HIGH The fighting engine is remarkably solid…

LOW …but doesn’t do enough to set itself apart from the competition.

WTF ‘Seems like my hot super-spicy mapo pot has surpassed you.’

The Pitfalls of Hyper-Detailed Graphics

So I’m playing Uncharted 4, and the developers put so much effort into making the graphics super-realistic that a weird problem was created. Check out this amazingly detailed door- Gorgeous, right? Except for, you know… The lock handle that’s three inches away from the deadbolt. The other deadbolt that doesn’t […]